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01 February 2013 @ 03:31 pm
96.) Social Media Stuffs?  
Hello everyone! I highly doubt I am popular enough for this post to matter but here goes...

I figured it was better to post this here than over on colored. I know people have added me and my journal has been friends locked, so I haven't added random people back. BUT I'm considering unlocking I've unlocked it partially for you guys. Some posts will be visible~ Feel free to comment or say hi, although my life isn't that exciting. ㅋ

I've finally made a twitter for my graphics and would love some followers. ^^ You can tweet me up over HERE.

I run a handful of tumblrs that you are all welcome to follow! Especially my personal one because I don't have many followers on that one! D8 Most of them are related to Yesung, which if you have browsed my icon posts a lot, you'd probably already know about that bias! ♥ But I blog plenty of other stuff too. So here is a list below! Go forth and follow!





As I said before, some of my posts will be unlocked in the future, but if you still really want me to add you back, leave a comment and I'll consider it.♥
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